Bitter Leaves

By Tabatha Stirling

A novel that will bring you to the dark heart of Singapore's maid culture

Sunday, 28 August 2016


I can only apologise for the radio silence but I've been laid low by tertiary syphilis.  No, that was 1934 in Berlin.

I mean a sinus infection.  Which are pretty nasty beasts!  I was having a conversation with my lovely Mother In Law and she was of the same opinion.  So, while I'm still working on a post about writer's groups, The Good, The Bad & the Snuggly, I was able to write a poem for a pledging friend for being my 50th supporter.  She wanted something to read to her boy, Jack, and as they are very nature-friendly I thought I'd write about Jack's day.  

I love writing poetry and some of my rewards come with a personalised poem.  Let me know what you think about Jack's poem.  


Love Tabby x


Jack’s Day

See, Jack, see the rosy sun begin to rise

A morning mist gives little drinks to bees

The birds begin to sing their first,

the moon will rise before their last.

See how the mountains range & beam

In their Sunday best they are proud to gleam

Goats a bleating on hillsides green

Chewing softly, they are gentle things.


See, Jack, see the wind that runs on speedy legs

Through tree tops full of nests & speckled eggs

Look! A lizard sunbathes in the tea-time sun

It’s tail sways in time with nature’s dozy hum.

The lawn is green, the sky so blue,

The stone so cool, the sweetpeas new

The long shadows begin their journey old

As afternoon blazes green & gold.


See, Jack, see the Swallowtail on a flower

Taking sips before flying on, hour after hour

See those fields of corn,  yellow glinting in the sun

Ripening quickly through the Summer’s run

Field mice squeaking, tails-a-leaping.

Dusk comes down and from the dark a-peeping

A wise old owl of many years, hoots and swoops

Til glowing moon dips low and he must roost.


See, Jack, see your comfy bed & toys all near

The stars are out, the night is here

Cuddle up with Mum and Dad,

Read a book and feel cosy glad

A glass of milk to bring you happy dreams

Your eyes are sleepy, droopy things

Smile once more & stretch your toes

Goodnight, our Jack, we love you so.




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