Bitter Leaves

By Tabatha Stirling

A novel that will bring you to the dark heart of Singapore's maid culture

Saturday, 1 April 2017

It Has Been A While Since My Last Confession (Update).

And I’m here to make it up to you.  I hope you still remember pledging for my book! After all, it's not Christmas so you have no excuses.


I’ve been selected to pitch at Unbound’s 'pitch party' at Waterstones, Gower Street on 24th April @ 18:30 and you can book your tickets here >>>>>> 

This will be a grand opportunity for me to catch up with supporters, old and new, and thank you in person. If you live in London or it’s glorious environs please come along.

I shall be staying the night in the Big Smoke and am ready to Schmooze and Booze or Perrier & Merry Away depending on your tipple.


There will be 8 authors.  Pitching 8 Books.  With 8 Water Guns. 

Ah! I’ve just been informed that there will be ‘no water guns’.

However, it will be a super fun event with 'my' lovely publisher 'Unbound' and some fantastic novels to pitch for.

Come and help create literary history!  And meet me. 

In the flesh. 

Clothed but in the flesh.

*so excited*

Love Tabby x

(bring wellies)


Unbound Pitch Party Aftermath


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Diane Dickson
 Diane Dickson says:

It all sounds really exciting - I wish I could have been there - to be honest if there had been bubbles I might have totally reorganised my life but as it is weelllll... but I hope you know I wish you the very very best of fun and success. I hope you enjoying this ride. xx

posted 3rd April 2017

Tabatha Stirling
 Tabatha Stirling says:

Thank you so much, Di xx

posted 3rd April 2017

Tina Nixon
 Tina Nixon says:

Gosh, how exciting - sadly I am not over then but hope you get loads of support. Best of luck and I am sure your pitch will be fantastic. xx

posted 4th April 2017

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