Bitter Leaves

By Tabatha Stirling

A novel that will bring you to the dark heart of Singapore's maid culture

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Exciting Developments

Hello, Wonderful Supporters,

Well, we are nearly there.  Bitter Leaves is now with a copy editor and the countdown has begun to publication.

Extraordinary, really.  When I think how the idea for Bitter Leaves started in 2012.  Standing at the sink, washing a couple of mugs for tea, sweating pricking my brow and top lip in the relentless Singapore heat.   Then an idea for a thriller sweeps into my mind about a woman whose husband has an affair with their domestic helper and the repercussions of that union.  

That idea swam around for a couple of months but as I began to witness the poverty, the demolition of human and women’s rights and abject cruelty that many (but not all) maids and helpers are subjected too on a daily basis – I realised that the book had to change – and so Bitter Leaves was born.


The exciting news is that The Pigeonhole is serialising ‘our’ book in time for Christmas which is incredibly exciting so if you wanted to read the novel before you receive your copy or even give the serialisation to someone as a gift – it is free and the link is below.

Bitter Leaves on The Pigeonhole

They’ve said some lovely things about my writing, and as any writer will tell you, positive reviews are like oxygen to us and will carry me happily into 2019 when Bitter Leaves is due to be published.

I am bracing myself for negative reviews – they happen and you just have to roll with the punches. 

I write what I write how I write it.  

Not everybody is going to like my writing style, the subject matter, the tone or any other countless reasons. And, I respect them all.

I am sending much love and thanks to you all – my list of acknowledgments is growing longer and more detailed by the day.  I will update you all with more news about the publication date and any other interesting info.

You are incredible.

Love Tabby x



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