Bitter Leaves

By Tabatha Stirling

A novel that will bring you to the dark heart of Singapore's maid culture

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Blackwell’s Talk, Riding the plateau & Christmas Presents.


Hello, Darlings!

It’s been a while and I apologise for the delay in updates but I promise I’ve been incredibly busy off-screen so to speak garnering events and promotional activities to keep the pledges coming in !

After all, you wonderful, WONDERFUL supporters want the book to be published as much as I do.  And see your names in the back.  On a bookshelf.  Literary Immortality.  

This makes me. Very. Excited.


So, what have I been up to?

Well, I’ve organised an Unbound Author’s event in Edinburgh at Blackwell's bookshop on Wednesday 16th, November at 6.00 – 8.00 pm.  Just click the link above to register for your FREE ticket.

Natalie Fergie, Ian Skewis, Helen Taylor and myself will all be talking about our books, reading extracts and discussing the Unbound experience.  I can’t thank Ann Landmann enough, the Blackwells events organiser for giving us this opportunity and for being excited by the idea. 

It shows that Unbound, both as a model and a publisher, are becoming better known in the public eye as well as within the industry.  This is very cheery news because it means that talking to prospective supportive at events means that they might well have an idea of how it works at Unbound.  I’ve written before about the confusion and bemusement over exactly what Unbound authors are trying to do.  Are we self-publishers, Indie Authors, charity blaggers or perhaps just a scam of some kind?  So the less we have to change people's minds and justify our campaigns the more we can carry on with writing other books and keeping our crowdfunding chugging along.

I seem to have a hit a plateau around 44 percent.  I’m not surprised I was told that this would probably happen.  I am, after all, trying to raise over 10K which, is no mean feat.  The pledges are, you generous, gorgeous bunch, still trickling in and I’m very hopeful that the Blackwell’s and other events will bring more of the elusive ‘stranger’ pledge. 

This is the very blood fizzing moment when you see someone has pledged that you don’t actually know.  Although, to be honest, I get overwhelmed with happiness whenever I see a new pledge. 

Because it means you are investing in me, as a writer, and my book.  Or should I say ‘our’ book because that’s how it feels!  I’m sharing this experience with you and my book too.  I like the way that feels.

So onwards to the last part of the update.

Are you stuck for a Christmas Present?

What better for the person who has everything than to buy a pledge for Blood On The Banana Leaf in a family or friends name that will be printed in the back of every edition. 

It is absolutely unique.  And has a certain cachet, don’t you think?

And don’t worry about pledging multiple times.  My husband has three in his varying ridiculous Scottish pseudonyms (for my birthday, Christmas and because I made him J)

All the cool kids are doing it!

I would just like to thank you all again for supporting my writing career and the book.  It really does mean so much that words seem underwhelming. 

Do come along to the Blackwell’s bash if you can, it would lovely be see you and keep telling your tribes about the book and how to pledge.

Thank you so much.

Love, Tabby x




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Darius Stransky
 Darius Stransky says:

I like this line

'All the cool kids are doing it!'

Hey, that makes me 'cool' - thanks, Tabs. You'll be fine, fret not. x

posted 1st November 2016

Diane Dickson
 Diane Dickson says:

I wish I could be there but anyway you must know I'm wishing you all the very best. You'll be wonderful of course. x

posted 1st November 2016

Tabatha Stirling
 Tabatha Stirling says:

Oh! You are lovely. I'm so sorry I didn't manage to answer before now. We don't get notifications x Thank you x

posted 7th December 2016

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