Wednesday, 6 December 2017


I just wanted to fill you all in on the next stage of the journey for Blood On The Banana Leaf.

I’m trying desperately to let go of the manuscript and send it off to the developmental editor.  This part of the editing process is quite specialised and the editor will concentrate on plot, story arc, characters, and pace.

I’m finding this stage never-wracking.  The tremendous excitement that our book is off on it’s journey to publication, something that I’ve dreamed of for years.  And trepidation that the MS will be sent back with scrawls of red – reading, ‘this is awful,’ ‘you are an utter fraud’, ‘can’t do anything with it’ etc etc.

Thankfully, we have the Unbound Social Club on Facebook.  A fantastic resource and a very supportive space where only Unbound authors are admitted.  We vent about Crowdfunding and what an extraordinary and exhausting time it is.  Post very silly things & ask for moral support when writing or life becomes too difficult.

Some of us have young children & we share a special bond – shoring each other up when our lives collide with our writing.

Motherhood is hard if you count writing as your job.  In order to be a present mother, it is very hard almost impossible to be prolific. 

My favourite writing space is my bed.  I wrote most of Blood On The Banana Leaf in my bed in Singapore with my eldest sleeping beside me. 

Now, I write from a chillier place but with another child sleeping beside/on me as I type one-handed comforted by her soft, milky breaths.

I am enormously glad for our group.  We have wise old owls,  silliness, flirtation,  the odd spat and glorious threads about writing & our publisher.

I’m beginning to feel like a proper ‘writer’ at last.

More soon and thank you for your generosity, support & general loveliness. 

Tabby x

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