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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A quick update

Hello All,

I've finished the book and am now madly re-writing, cutting, trimming and generally improving things. I've always been more of a re-writer than a writer and this time it isn't different.

It shouldn't be too long now. The first half of the book is pretty much there and I'm very happy with it, though I should say the chapter explaining how Bitcoin works is about the hardest thing I've ever had to write. As Satoshi Nakamoto said, explaing Bitcoin is 'bloody hard'.  'Extremely bloody @#$%ing hard' , he should've said. 

By the way, I'm sure I've cracked the mystery of who he is.

I have had a slight hitch that has delayed things rather. Early last week, I managed to break my ankle playing football. Hospitals and all the rest of it took up a lot of time and the break has since immobilized me . Even making a cup of tea is a huge undertaking. Thank goodness for loved ones. I'm not in any pain (no need to send replies of symptathy), though it didn't half hurt at the time, it's just inconvenient - and the delays to other areas of my life have meant delays to the book. Otherwise I would have hoped to be almost going to press by now. 

Anyway, here's a selfie taken the evening I got back from A&E.

All the best

Yours crypographically,



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Michael Eder
 Michael Eder says:

Thanx for the update! Good luck for the next stage.
>no need to send replies of symptathy
still: all the best


posted 21st May 2014

Patricia Lawlor
 Patricia Lawlor says:

Good luck Dominic, you should know better playing footie! Really looking forward to reading the finished Edit

posted 21st May 2014

Jody Wetton
 Jody Wetton says:

Nice to see they did your cast in the Fulham colours!

posted 21st May 2014

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