Notes from Norfolk - New pledge reward

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

I'm just back from filming the video for the top of the pledge page. We did it at my local patch, which was perfect, although I just wanted to watch the ducks most of the time! We now have a new pledge reward up on the page, called 'Notes from Norfolk'. For a £60.00 pledge, you get a mounted, A4 photographic print of aone of 5 species of birds - each one numbered and signed by the photographer Les Bunyan. Les is a phenomenal photographer and is also a volunteer for the RSPB in North-Norfolk. He has been my 'official' photographer for a while now - contributing beautiful pictures for Twitter and the slideshow that accompanies my Bird Therapy talk. You can follow him on Twitter here; and visit his photo site here too

I've chosen the following 5 birds; Turtle Dove, Waxwing, Short-eared Owl, Bearded Reedling (or Bearded Tit) and Barn Owl. With each picture will come with a personalised, handwritten mini-story from me, where I will share an experience I've had with the bird in the picture. You will also receive a special limited edition hardback of the book, signed and personally dedicated to you , with your name printed in the back as a supporter, plus an ebook. An excellent pledge reward if I say so myself.

Please, please, please support this crowdfunding campaign if you can. Bird Therapy shares an important story and message that I really hope we can get out there! Please share as much as you are willling to and mention it to other people too.

Happy birdwatching.


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