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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

General Release Date & Conventions

Hey all,

First off, I apologise for being so terrible at providing updates...I would say I do it to create a sense of ~*mystery*~ but honestly, I'm just forgetful and get caught up in juggling art things and my Real Life ''''Proper''' Job, so I'm very sorry for being a flake. That said, there's a lot to update you on!

In January, I mentioned that I'd been sent the loose pages to give my final edits on. Well, I did that, and the fab people at Unbound have been working diligently to compile all my ramblings and doodles into a coherent, proper book! I actually got sent full jacket artwork for the cover yesterday, and it looks so amazing! Hopefully, it will be able to go to press this week :)

I've had confirmation that the official general public release date for the book is the 14th November 2019. Obviously, if you're a pledger, you will receive your copy/copies and your rewards earlier than this, although I'm still waiting on a final date for this!

I also have some Other Exciting News that I'm not allowed to tell you about yet, so y'know...just be vaguely hyped for something I guess? There wasn't really much point me mentioning that other to be coy, sorry!

I've emailed all pledgers who are entitled to a bespoke prize, whether it be an icon or a print or both, so please ensure you check your junk if you haven't seen it!

Finally, I just wanted to say that there are two UK conventions I will be at this year. The first one is MCM London from 24th - 26th May; I'll be in the Comic Village, sharing a table with Dan Martin of Deathbulge notoriety. The second is Thoughtbubble in Leeds as a guest on the 9th - 10th November. If you happen to be going to either of those, please do stop by and say hi, I'd love to meet you!

That's all from me for now, I hope you have an amazing day, thanks for reading and for your support!

Chuck x

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