Between the Regions of Kindness

By Alice Jolly

A novel about the costs of peace – and whether family or conscience should come first

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

New book - it is all happening

Dear All,


This is just a quick update.  Firstly, as you know, we hit the 100% target just before Christmas.  Since then it has been full steam ahead on finishing the book, editing etc.  We are very much hoping to get the book out by the end of the year - or possibly early next year.


I know that people always think, when they have pledged for a book, 'Well how long is this going to take?  How much work is actually involved?'  All I can tell you is that there is a huge amout of work involved and that, in all honesty, it is never a good idea to put a book out in a hurry.  


Certain kinds of books need to published at certain times of the year, publicity has to start at least six months in advance, all the editing and proof reading take a long time if you want to finish up with a professional product.  


So thank you for your patience and your support.  I'll keep you posted.  Unbound do produce beautiful books - so it will be worth the wait.


Best wishes,



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