Between the Regions of Kindness

By Alice Jolly

A novel about the costs of peace – and whether family or conscience should come first

Monday, 14 May 2018

Book launches - London and Stroud

Dear All,

The beautiful subscribers edition of Between the Regions of Kindness is totally finalised, off to the printers and will be on its way to you soon.  It has taken some time, I know, but it does look fantastic.  

As you know, the book will not be available to the public for another year as it was decided that the next book, Mary Ann Sate, Imbecile should go out to bookshops first.

However, I am celebrating the launch of both books now.  Launches are taking place in London and Stroud.  20TH JUNE DAUNT BOOKS, LONDON.  28TH JUNE SVA, STROUD.

Both invites with fuller details are down below.  You are welcome to either or both.  But do please let me know as I need to keep a track of numbers.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your patience and for your support.  

Very best wishes,


PS. And apologies to those who have received this twice.


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