Between the Regions of Kindness

By Alice Jolly

A novel about the costs of peace – and whether family or conscience should come first

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Between the Regions - out in paperback 18th April

Dear Friends,

Just a small update to let you know that Between the Regions of Kindness will be out in paperback on 18th April.

Everyone who subscribed should have received a beautiful hard back (or e-book) last year.  If anyone missed that then do let me know.

I'm excited that the book will now go out to the trade - with the same lovely cover.

Also the prospect for the book have just improved immeasurably due to the news below (longlist for prestigious Rathbones Folio Prize).

You have made this possible!

Thanks so much,


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Sarah Towle
 Sarah Towle says:

Hi Alice, Congrats on the trade launch. I'm afraid I never received my copy. Must have missed an email at some point. Any chance I can get that now? All best, Sarah

posted 21st March 2019

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