Between the Devil and the Deep

By Mark Cowan and Martin Robson

The gruesome true story of the bends, seen through the eyes of a diver pitched into a natural hell; paralysed and trapped underwater with nowhere to go but sink back into the deep.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Otter Drysuit offer

Otter have very generously allowed us to sell their Otter Atlantic drysuit for an absolute bargain price of £1250!  Your pledge will get you a made to measure Atlantic dry suit, Otter's very latest design, in your choice of colours.  You can learn more about the suit on Otter's website. The pledge includes a signed first edition hardback plus limited edition Between the Devil and the Deep t-shirt and your name in the back of the book. You can also add any extras you might want such as a KUBI dry glove system or P-Valve for the normak price. 

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