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From beanbags to mindfulness; how wellbeing is making business more human friendly

Saturday, 25 August 2018

BETTER out (than in?)

Hello lovely supporters. Thanks to your generous help in getting this book made it has now taken the next big step and is available in the bookstores and on amazon. It is also getting a PR push and is starting to get a bit of recognition. This week for instance BETTER featured prominently in Management Today's summer reading list for CEOs As you have already read the book I am hoping some of you could leave a review on And please do share the book around with colleagues clients and in social media. If anyone has a media or otherwise influential contact who they think could be supportive of the book please do drop me a line and I will gladly send them a copy. There's lots more happening that I will update on soon - some of which you can see at (those interested in joining the guild do drop me a note too :) That's it for now - happy weekend (and bank holiday if you are in the UK) :J
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