Be Ready To Parent Twins: The First Year

By Louise Brown and Ella Rachamim

Parents & experts share their tips to help new parents of twins cope during pregnancy & the 1st year

Thursday, 4 April 2019

THANK YOU for getting us so far - still over 100 pledges to go!

Thank you all SO much! We’re so close to being over the hump of 50% of our book funded in such a short space of time and over a hundred pledgers! Please keep pledging (or topping up your pledges) and sharing the URL - Facebook seems to work especially well for us and it will help us get the book out sooner to the parents who really need the book! Remember 10% of our profits go to Homestart, and there are lots of gift and commercial sponsorship options at different levels (and we’d be delighted to hear ideas for any more).

And if you're just here for the lolz, here's our latest post on the fun side of having twins.

Louise & Ella

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