Be Ready To Parent Twins: The First Year

By Louise Brown and Ella Rachamim

Parents & experts share their tips to help new parents of twins cope during pregnancy & the 1st year

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Nearly at 40% after just over a week and more gift pledges!

Being at nearly 40% after one week is so heartening for us after all the hours of work for this labour of love so a massive thank you to all those who have already pledged.

For new and early pledgers, also worth noting we have some great new gift pledge levels which we're delighted have already been taken up, which means we can pass on our knowledge and experience either to people you know, or parents-to-be we can get in touch with via Homestart. Louise did consider a gift pledge of attending karaoke with her, but that's on the back burner for now.

We’ve still a way to go yet so any support you can give by sharing our Unbound page on social media or relevant networks would be such a big help. We also have more options for brands and companies wishing to support parent of multiples (remember, we have to buy two of pretty much everything!), so if you have any relevant contacts, then please hook a mother up!

Thanks again to you all, we really appreciate your support.

Ella & Louise
PS If you didn’t catch it already Louise has written a post oversharing why she wanted the book in the world [TW: includes details of bodily functions and the word "stirrups' in the first sentence] - What's all the fuss about a bag of grapefruits and two coathangers?

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