Be Ready To Parent Twins: The First Year

By Louise Brown and Ella Rachamim

Parents & experts share their tips to help new parents of twins cope during pregnancy & the 1st year

Friday, 28 June 2019

94%! - one last push aka the Ring of Fire


The other day I told an appalled mother-to-be about “the ring of fire”, a colloquial name for how much your first ever final push stings and hurts like hell.

And here we are, thanks to our wonderful backers - and some awesome new pledgers this week -  we're now at 94% so one last big push and our book will be out (resisting extending that metaphor too far for Ella's sake) and ready for the designers and editors (I guess the second push, seeing as it's a twins book).

Here’s goes the painful bit - new pledgers of course yes please! - AND if any of you would be willing to top up your pledge with some loose change from down the back of the sofa to help us get to 100% then we would be ludicrously grateful.

To upgrade your pledge or donate on top of your pledge, you'll need to log in and follow instructions here.

Thank you ALL so much for bringing us this far. We know many of you are not parents and certainly not parents of twins - your support has been so heartening, we truly appreciate it. To those of you who the book will be a direct help to - thank you too and we wish you every success and strength - one way or another the book will be with you to help!

Most importantly, if you need support now before the book arrives (it will take another few months) then please get in touch with

Otherwise wish us luck, thanks again and we'll keep you posted.

Louise & Ella

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