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Be Ready To Parent Twins: The First Year

By Louise Brown and Ella Rachamim

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Parents & experts share their tips to help new parents of twins cope during pregnancy & the 1st year

Publication date: August 2020
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About the book

People say that nothing prepares you for parenthood. Now think of that unpreparedness… and double it.

The growing numbers of twin parents soon realise that the best people to speak to are others who have been there. Be Ready to Parent Twins is a no-holds barred guide to how to prepare and survive pregnancy and the first year. sharing the experience and expertise of Dr Ella Rachamim and twin buddy Louise Brown alongside first-hand accounts of many other parents they have surveyed, interviewed and met. However they managed, they’ve all been through it and are still standing and smiling (or lying down - give them a break, sleep deprivation is real).

“A fabulous book for any twin parent or parent-to-be. It is really accessible and comforting to read the words and advice of mums who have been there and done it all, especially when one also happens to be a paediatrician! Full of practical advice and experiential wisdom, I think my patients would really welcome this book.” Dr Ellie Cannon, GP, broadcaster, columnist and author of Keep Calm: The New Mum’s Manual


Advice and personal accounts

The book takes parents through every stage highlighting what’s important for twin parents. There are personal insights into premature delivery, c-sections and natural births as well as breast and bottle feeding, routines, weaning and the reality of childcare options. Parents can dip into the chapter most relevant at each stage – essential when you are a very busy twin parent – but it would be a great read during the wait for those bundles of joy to arrive.

"It's real, funny, practical and full of tips. Written in "informed best-friend" style makes it a pleasure to read, much more than a reference book." Dr Sue Laurent, consultant paediatrician and author of Your Baby Month by Month

Even if this is not a first pregnancy, take a deep breath while Ella and Louise welcome you to a new world of seriously big bumps, tandem feeding and dealing politely with the army of strangers that say ‘double trouble?’ every time you leave the house.


Supporting parents

There is no one way of raising twins, no sure-fire way to get them to feed or sleep, but we hope our book will support parents’ ability to cope and make choices that are right for their family for a happy start to an incredible journey.

10% of the authors’ profits will be donated to Homestart, a charity helping thousands of parents who need support - including many with twins or more.

"I would definitely recommend this book to anyone having twins." Clare Byam-Cook, trained nurse and midwife and author of What to Expect When You’re Breastfeeding … And What If You Can’t?

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