Be More Mermaid

By Laura Evans

A tale with an otherworldly twist: a collection of personal essays from a modern mermaid.

Monday, 9 May 2022

Silence is Golden (apart from when you're crowdfunding!)

"I'm in the Doldrums"

My crowdfunding manager so brilliantly described this phase of funding during a coaching session right at the beginning of this process. She was SO right. It's also a staggeringly perfect descripton seeing as my book is very much Ocean based.

Whilst writing has been going swimmingly (although we'll see whether my potential editor will agree), the slow ebb of my funding percentage bar has given me the fear. Fear, I laugh in the face of fear... sort of.

I have been so moved by the support so far but, like the greedy mermaid I am, I NEED MORE. I need to be brave enough to keep asking for more. Considering an entire essay in the book is about facing up to fear it's only fair that I pratice what I preach!

As I said in my previous update: How can you help? I would love you to share my page and encourage your nearest and dearest (I'm also cool with you accosting nice looking strangers in the street too, FYI) to pledge. I truly believe we can all learn something from being a bit more mermaid and it's about so much more than putting on a tail. Frankly, you don't even need a tail to channel your inner mermaid.

There may be a little surprise waiting for my supporters when I reach 50% too...


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