be guid tae yer mammy

By Emma Grae

Narrated by three generations of women – a darkly comic family drama set in modern-day Scotland.

Tuesday, 26 April 2022

My Second Novel - Coming This October!

I’m delighted to announce that my second novel The Tongue She Speaks is being published by Luath Press this October!

A Scots coming-of-age novel about a dreamer, a poet and a punk band. The Glaswegian ‘Almost Famous’.

So I retract my previous statement about it coming out in 2023! As everyone here is more than aware, crowdfunding was an incredibly slow process, but I got a traditional publishing deal the second time around, which means that we can go a lot faster!

This book is very different from Be Guid Tae Yer Mammy.  It's a YA crossover set in 2007 about finding the courage to overcome PTSD and chase your dreams in the face of a world that's trying to make you something you're not. 

I'll share more details in due course!


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