Be Funny or Die

By Joel Morris

The secret rules that make you laugh

Tuesday, 6 September 2022


Thanks to everyone who's supported so far!

Really feel that we're cresting the fundraising hill now. So exciting.

Please tell your mates, if they'd like This Sort of Thing.

The book is coming together nicely, and contains, I promise, every single thing I can think of on the subject of the mechanics of comedy, propped up with a load of proper boffin-style thinking from people in white coats.

It's difficult keeping a lab staff going in my volcano base, and some of them are starting to grumble that they'd like to see their families, but I think it's worth it. Hope you'll feel the same when you get to hold a copy in your hands (and read using your eyes and human brain.)


Joel x


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Adam Windmill
 Adam Windmill says:

Good luck and really looking forward to it!

posted 12th September 2022

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