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A graphic novel about grief, madness, and the ghosts that haunt us

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Still Barking!

Hello Barking Supporters & a very warm welcome to recent pledgers.

Apologies for the recent radio silence. I've have been busy working on a couple of exciting commissions. Both are outside of Barking but not unconnected as they have come to me from supporters. I can't say much at this stage but the first of them in due out in comic shops next month. I will be loudly banging a drum about it as soon as I can and the very cool writer/creator that commissioned my work. The second is with another cool writer/creator (how lucky am I!) and fellow Unbound author. This one will be making an appearance at a big Comic festival in the U.K soon. Again as soon as I can I will be shouting it from the roof tops. There are a few sneaky peeks on my social media threads (links below) so follow me there to see more. I'm hoping that both commissions will bring my work to wider audiences and therefor aid funding for Barking. 

Speaking of which it's now at a wonderful 35%!!! With a 142 of you lovely generous readers. Thank you all very much! The project is currently 4 chapters created with 6 to go. I'm in the midst of a re-write on the storyline, all for the better I promise, with a view to be back on it as soon as I've finished the Comic festival artwork. More updates will be coming soon but until then I wish you all a glorious and slightly cooler Summer x





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