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A graphic novel about grief, madness, and the ghosts that haunt us

Friday, 8 December 2017

Risographs, Blogs & Colds!

Hello my lovely Supporters,

A very warm welcome to my new pledgers of Barking. December has brought many things sadly most are viral. As those of you who have or are around young children know it’s not only a festive month but one of colds, flus and ear infections. Naturally this means a slowdown on Barking but there is still much happening.

This month I've joined forces with Kay Szczypiorsk: Blogger, Writer and Mental Health Activist in the struggle against stigma. Kay grew up in a domestically-violent environment that led to her diagnosis of PTSD. A complex condition that includes depression, self harm and agoraphobia. Instead of letting this rule her life Kay started a blog and founded MH Stories An online community for sharing stories of mental health conditions, struggles and recovery. She also recently appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Woman's Hour, discussing Mental Health and her takeover of their Instagram feed to promote positive body image. Her blog has been nominated UK Blog Awards 2018 amongst her many other accolades. Kay is a remarkable young women and a great example of how to take control of your life, battle stigma and support other sufferers.



In pledging news I’ve launched a new level just for Christmas. A very limited edition Risograph print of Barking Artwork. For those new to Riso it's a printing process developed in Japan in the 80’s. Initially designed as a low cost, high-volume duplicator for churches, prisons and political parties. However in recent years creatives have re-claimed it's unique aesthetic as an amazing was to create beautiful, vibrant artwork.

The process is somewhere between offset lithography and traditional screen printing. Artwork is sent to the risograph which creates a thermographic master plate from banana paper, which acts as a screen like a stencil. This screen is then wrapped around a spot colour ink drum and soy ink is pushed through the voids. As the paper glides through the machine It whizzes over the rotating drum and imprints your artwork onto its surface. These prints will be done by the lovely Dopple Press in Brighton. Their Risograph is a dual colour machine and the best one around. Enabling them to magically print, not one, but two colours in one pass. That means less drying time for us and less emissions for the environment. Beautiful and kind to the planet. What more could you ask for?

If you have pledged for the Riso please email me your address:

I will be sending theses out personally as soon as they arrive and have some very snazzy envelopes to ensure their protection. There's still time to upgrade to this level and gift to a loved one or yourself some original artwork this Christmas…

I have exciting things lining up for the New Year including editorial coverage and my talk at Laydeez Do Comics I'll be presenting Barking and discussing all things comics and mental health. If you've never attended please join me for my talk in January. Laydeez is open to all, boys included, and are inspiring evenings of mini-TED talks by comics creators with added cake!

In the meantime I wish you a very happy and virus-free Christmas and look forward to updating you in 2018...

Have a wonderful weekend, Lucy

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