By Lucy Sullivan

A graphic novel about grief, madness, and the ghosts that haunt us

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Quarters and Thirds


Hello Supporters,

Thought it was probably time for a quick update on all things Barking!

Funding is now nearly at 30%, it must be a whisker away and going in the right direction. Thank you to all of you supporting my book so far and a warm welcome to those that have joined more recently. Your support and generosity is very much appreciated. Work on the book is at a similiar stage to the funding. Maths however is not my strong point so as to whether that's a thrid or a quarter I'm not sure but Chapter 4 is nearly fully laid out with 6 more to go. I have a slightly unothrodox approach to making comics and particularly so with Barking. I've chosen to ditch pencils and formal layouts in favour of sketching directly with biro. It's a technique that is both demanding and exciting but one that fits the subject matter well. I then scan into my computer and use Photoshop to lay out my sequences. Adding in texture and dialogue as it develops. The final stage is to digitally ink each spread. For this chapter I've worked on 5 double page spreads similtanouesly as there's much to get across and I want to make sure the flow of the book or pagination is working.

I've made a decision to simplify a chapter and meld it into an other which allows a chapter more to play with, a bit of breathing space in the structure. This has been influenced by the crowdfunding itself and a really great side to making my book with Unbound. I realised in talking with and meeting many of you that there is a need for a positive aspect in Barking about having a mental health condition. I do feel that my depression and anxiety help me to empathise and therefore be a better storyteller, it also is probably why I see so much of the detail in life. Although that can be the thing that overwhelms me it is key to observing and drawing. This all of course means a bit of a re-write. Graphic Novels seem to be a constant adjustment of the story as the text and image coalesce and so Barking has been tweeked as I create it but always for a more exciting and honest tale. 

I've found  that these Updates don't really display the images from the book as well as I would like. I regulalry post work in progress images on my Instagram and Twiiter feeds. If you're interested in seeing the book develop visually please find me at:




Will be back again with more news soon. Until then if you know someone who might also be interested in the book please share the project page or this update. There's still a fair amount to raise and every share helps spread the word!

Many thanks,





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