By Lucy Sullivan

A graphic novel about grief, madness, and the ghosts that haunt us

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Into the End Game

Hello Barking Supporters!

I’m popping by to let you know how progress is going on BARKING & very happy to report that it is now going into the final stages. I’m beyond excited to add that my graphic novel will also be getting a unique font designed by the ever talented Dan Berry. If you are unfamiliar with Dan’s multiplicity of talents alongside creating fonts Dan also creates comics and illustrations, hosts his own podcast whilst also interviewing for others and crafts beautiful dip pens. One of which has been used by me to create the chapter illustrations throughout BARKING. Please do check out Dan’s works at or find him on the socials on @thingsbydan

In other news all the artwork for BARKING is now laid out into 10 chapters and ready for inking. Once the lettering is in there’s a slight redesign to do for the cover and a little bit to write and then that’s it! I’ll let you know when the files are digitally winging their way to my editor extraordinaire Lizzie Kaye and off to the printers.

I’m reticent to share any plot spoiling pages so instead wanted to show you what an amazing job Dan is doing. Below is a spread with my lettering and the same with Dan’s font. Personally I couldn’t tell which was which without putting them side by side and have to admit I preferred Dan’s. I can’t wait for you to get to read the full book in all it’s glory so I’ll get back to it and be in touch as soon as it’s finished. Wish me luck!





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