By Lucy Sullivan

A graphic novel about grief, madness, and the ghosts that haunt us

Friday, 24 November 2017


Hello my lovely supporters!

It's coming to the end of the first week of campaigning for BARKING. A week that has left me thrilled, delighted and a little overwhelmed by your generosity and so I would like to say thank you. 

In creating this story I knew I would have to expose a side of myself and a time in my life that I still feel quite ashamed by. That feeling is entirely why I am so passionate about breaking the stigma around mental health. There is still an element of embarrassment that someone can fail or be less capable than others. Rather than thinking this terrible moment has happened and it's broken you. Or perhaps your mind just struggles with the everyday and that's okay. It’s okay to be sad, to be angry or feel lost. You're still here and you're trying to get through it. It's taken me a long time to be able to hold this sentiment and I hope in supporting Barking you too want to dispel the fear society has for the times in our lives that just become too much.

I recently read an interesting article on increasing levels of anxiety in adolescents and how by teaching children to take care of themselves, emotionally and mentally, we could help to halt that trend. A little kindness to yourself can make the difference between a bad day and an okay day and sometimes that's enough.

Since going live I’ve been busy creating a subtitled video for social media and, as a few of you know, writing many emails. I have had a little time to work on Barking. The image included, a work in progress, is from Chapter 2. I’ve been putting the existing chapters into a new layout for Unbound and couldn't help but tinker with the panels and design. Barking has been developing over a number of years and the characters have evolved in that time. I've found a new design for the Black Dog that fits more closely with my original idea, as seen in the left panel. This was one of the first pages I designed and the first time I felt that maybe this story could go somewhere. 




So thank you once again for joining me. Everyone of you will help bring this story to life. There's still a bit of a way to go so if you can share the video or link to anyone who may be interested please do.


You can find me online at: 


My website:

Facebook: @lucysullivanuk

Twitter: @LucySullivanUK

Instagram: @lucysullivanuk 

(although you may have to put up with some pictures of my daughter and gardening obsessions!)


Have a wonderful weekend. 

Best wishes,


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