Notes from the (dusty) 3rd Attic!

Monday, 18 September 2017

For weeks I’ve heard nothing but muffled groans, so many that upon occasion I have almost lifted myself out of this nest of hair and tic-tacs to reach for the spade. But then the noises quiet down and I remember that I have cake to eat.

It’s fair to say that the campaign to fun Badtime Stories has been moribund of late. New supporters are finding their way to us but all the advice from fellow Unbounders is that the summer months are terrible for making any headway.

The time has been mostly spent reading and dealing with life. Dark stories such as Chris Priestly’s Tales of Terror (ooooo, very good!). The life bit… well I’ve been facing a few sad things over the past few months. BUT WORRY NOT! I have written through my worries and am climbing back into the Attic where all of Jacob and Jacob’s anguish can be heard.

So in terms of the campaign - we are 33% through with the support of 141 of you. So what next. One supporter asked if I was ever likely to be fully funded. It was a fair question and one which keeps bashing me in the face. My answer: “I hope so.”

I know this isn’t something I can take to the bank manager of course so let me just say that I’m going to continue pitching articles to blogs and to magazines. And with Halloween coming up I’d like to be doing some talky public type events. If anyone has a space, an audience, six candles and a meat cleaver then let me know and I’ll happily turn up.

So keep the faith. Keep the children locked up. Keep being my best and most able ambassadors for the peculiar book that is BADTIME STORIES!

You can help make this book happen. Please share it, and encourage your followers to share it, too.

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