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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Whilst the crowdfunding campaign has been a little quiet of late, it hasn’t been far from my mind. I’ve done two things since we last gathered together here: I have completed the first draft of stories - that’s fifty-one, each around the 500 word mark. I know more about the world of Jacob and Jacob than I did six months ago, and I feel their worries as I lay my head each night upon the collection of kidney stones I call a pillow.

But I’ve also been occupied with preparing to interview Sir Tony Robinson - star of Time Team, Blackadder, and Maid Marian. His autobiography (No Cunning Plan) is a weighty tome of theatre, family and television; of success and rejection. Reading it was an unexpected pleasure - I’m not one for biographies (with the exception of the excellent Coleridge by Richard Holmes) and saying yes to appearing on stage in front of 250 people wasn’t easy, but I find new challenges to be the insulin of life and so carried on regardless.

The evening was a great success but it wasn’t entirely without Badtime in mind. Flyers were handed out to every member of the audience so I’m crossing my fingers that one or two people will be inspired to join our slowly growing band of somnambulist story lickers. Adding to that, I was invited on BBC Radio Lancashire to talk about poetry and stories. And beards. People like talking about beards.

If any of you run blogs or hold tupperware parties then please drop me a line. I’m happy to talk anywhere and everywhere, about fears and beards, in order to generate support for Badtime Stories.


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