Bad Romance

By Emily Hill

A dark, funny and feminist debut short story collection

Thursday, 6 April 2017

With your help Bad Romance could soon become two thirds funded...

Dearest Bad Romancers, 

We are perilously close to reaching a landmark 200 pledges for our book (currently we're at 196) and are roughly 4% off 66.66% funded (which would mean Bad Romance becomes two thirds a reality). I'm failing with words because I keep fussing with my calculator... But I've figured out if all of you brilliant people could somehow compel just one other person each to pledge for a hardback then you could all come to my place immediately for the great-grandmother of all parties...

Good things as regards my Bad book include...

Today, Philip Hensher tweeting this:

And, last week, meeting the awesome Rowan Pelling who commissioned me to write an original short story for her equally awesome new magazine, The Amorist. Black and white photographs of me not looking in the slightest bit sexy will be taken next week by their in house photographer Daniel Lawrence. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the first issue whilst simultaneously touching so much wood I should just break a branch off a tree and cart it around in my handbag in perpetuity.

And now my mother's just turned up for a visit so I have to go. 







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