Bad Romance

By Emily Hill

A dark, funny and feminist debut short story collection

Thursday, 16 March 2017

We're very nearly at 50% with our book Bad Romance!

Hello my dear ones,

So, last Sunday I was hopelessly miserable for reasons I shan't bother you with but then Ben Elton popped up on my supporters page and utterly revolutionised my Bad Romance life and now I'm so grateful to him - and you - for helping I'm not quite sure how to thank you all properly... 

I was very excited to see all the new names that appeared straight afterwards (this means you James Fisher, Siobhan McBride, Louise Stephens, Elizabeth Bruton, Alison Woodhouse, Lucy Vickery, Sophie Goldsworthy, Dan Hancox, Pierre L'Allier and Flora Bradley-Watson...) And most especially to eagle-eyed super hack Frances Robinson who spotted Ben's name and wrote a paragraph in the Londoner's Diary which I suspect was why!

Last weekend, we'd been stuck at 40ish% and nothing I did made any difference and now - all of a sudden - we've leapt up to almost 50% funded. I call it the Ben Effect. Astounding!

We could make Bad Romance half a reality by the end of the weekend. And, of course, when it does all become true (and not just the dearest wish in my head) a beautiful hard back edition will be distributed by Penguin/Random House with all your awesome names printed in the back because YOU made it happen. You'll be able to point at it and say: 'I did that... That was all down to me...'


If you know any hacks who need help pitching to magazines please do tell them I can help - since Flora pledged from Istanbul there's now only five places left...! (And Bad Romance is now international.)

Yesterday I met up with Sunday Times bestselling author Danny Scheinmann - who funded his book The Half Life of Joshua Jones with Unbound - who had lots of great advice chief of which was to make more videos to promote Bad Romance. So he filmed this endorsement of good old Julia and her baby and shared it with all his fans. Since last night it has been viewed 1000 views. Georgia liked it so much, Katy said to send it out. (So I hope I am not inundating you...)

Happy Thursday!



Emily x


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Rebecca Veals
 Rebecca Veals says:

Well Ben must have done it just after me so maybe it's the Becs Effect?! Ha, great stuff Em - so hope the next 50% will be plain, fast sailing!xx

posted 16th March 2017

Rebecca Veals
 Rebecca Veals says:

Ps great idea re video - it won't play for me at the moment but enjoying seeing your face!x

posted 16th March 2017

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