Bad Romance

By Emily Hill

A dark, funny and feminist debut short story collection

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Thanks to all of you amazing peeps - Bad Romance is 16% funded!

So it's been a really exciting few days. Unbound's Katy Guest has been tweeting like mad - explaining that she loves my book so much she even let me set fire to a wedding dress in her own garden... Ariane Sherine - the musical comedian who also contributed the music to my video (wearing a veil below) - has been promising to take her fans out for coffee if they pledge for Bad Romance. Her best friend Graham has been getting the word out on Facebook. The journalist extraordinaire Frances Robinson (on the right, below) turned up to my Valentine's Day party and wrote this awesome paragraph in the Evening Standard (see 'Loving a bad romance': and so many of my lovely friends turned out too. I want to say a special thanks to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU AMAZING PEOPLE who have helped me get to 16% in three days... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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Ariane Sherine
 Ariane Sherine says:

It's an absolute pleasure to support it. Such an excellent book! Well done on hitting 16%. xxx

posted 16th February 2017

Dominic Connolly
 Dominic Connolly says:

Make that 17 per cent. Very pleased to be part of it...

posted 16th February 2017

Danny Scheinmann
 Danny Scheinmann says:

Jane Temple put me on to your book. I loved the story I read on the site. I funded a book on Unbound myself. The first third came quick, the second third was really tough and once I got near the finish line pledges came in thick and fast. If you get stuck and need any advice do get in touch.

posted 20th February 2017

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