Bad Romance

By Emily Hill

A dark, funny and feminist debut short story collection

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Dearest Bad Romancers, 



This is the last update I promise...

One more gigantic THANK YOU to you all. This morning Oli reminded me that I did not dare hope we would be where we are today a mere 12 months ago when the crowdfunding started... But here we are... 

Cheers especially to everyone who has dashed into a book shop, unearthed Bad Romance wherever it had been buried and rearranged the stock accordingly. I salute you! (Please keep at it...) And also to the authors of our four stupendous Bad Romance Amazon reviews (Christine, SJG, Laura and Sam... BIG KISSES TO YOU! Try not to feel too uncomfortable about this SJ. I am being over affectionate again...)

If anyone else has the time or inclination please do add your own here

(I think it helps, although I'm not sure how...)

Three more updates on press:

Yesterday, I had a piece published by the Guardian about how Galentine's Day is better than Valentine's Day:

Today, Bad Romance is featured on the front cover of Grazia magazine... (I wrote a piece about being part of a lovephobic generation... It's not online but you can see it on the newsstands NOW. Just look slightly to the left of Victoria Beckham's head.)

Plus books queen Emma Gannon chose Bad Romance for a special ANTI-VALENTINE'S DAY episode of her Ctrl Alt Delete podcast. She writes about it here: & you can listen here:

Plus you can probably, almost certainly listen to my disastrous half-reading of How To Be Single At Parties at some point here: 

On Sunday, the most excellent Alice-Azania Jarvis of ES Magazine has invited me to talk in front of her literary salon at The Ned. (My first ever interview - & by an arch interviewer too...) I hope to see some of you there... 

And lastly thanks to Josh Pulman who is somehow able to make me look nice in photographs - he took the one that's inside the back cover & also snapped away throughout a little book party the Millennial & I threw this week. You can see one of them below - taken with (in my brother's words) THE COMPLETE LEGEND who wrote such a beautiful quote for the back cover... 

I hope you're all enjoying the book - do email me if you haven't got your copy yet... & please keep in touch if you can... I want to hear how you're all getting on. 



Lots love, 

Emily x







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