Bad Romance

By Emily Hill

A dark, funny and feminist debut short story collection

Monday, 17 April 2017


Dearest Bad Romancers, 

Thanks so much for your support - I'm trying not to barrage you with updates but here we go again...

If anyone has any bright ideas as to how we make one more third please let me know... I'm open to any and all suggestions (alright I'm completely desperate)... I feel like we've got really far and yet I've run out of brilliant people like you to whom I can appeal directly... And that's how we got here... So if you know any short story lovers I could approach I'd be so grateful for tips and hints... I'm increasingly starting to believe that if we can just get this baby in the shops, we're going to be a big success so it'll be worth it in the end (I hope...)

In the last few minutes, Julia's Baby was tweeted out by the Sunday Times's new podcast The High Low as perfect Sunday night reading. Even though it is Monday. I have no idea how they found the Spectator link - but I'm very grateful to whoever it was who tipped them off (Katie G? Cosmo!?):

Next Monday, if any of you fancy a drink and a lot of book talk I'll be making my best pitch for our book at Waterstones on Gower Street at Unbound's very first pledge party. (Our name was drawn out of Georgia's magic hat and it made Katy very happy.) Full details are here:

Next Tuesday, I'm hitting The Amorist launch party in Soho .I was hoping to be able to tell you that I had a story in the first issue but we got bumped for Hanif Kureishi... So now we'll be in the second issue. (Cross fingers. Touchwood. And for those of you who've worried I've completely lost my mind and turned all E L James... Ariane's verdict was: 'it is not erotic - it is just sad.' She's a tough crowd.)

Heroes of the week include (above all) Oli Foster - who persuaded everyone from Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to Julie Bindel to tweet for Bad Romance and cybersold Bad Romance to the very wonderful Sonia Sodha, Cathy Young, Christina Patterson, Zoe Gardner and Kate Andrews... I also really want to thank my fellow Unbound authors who have been amazingly supportive... Plus all you champions from Spiked and the Institute of Ideas... My latest Spectator peeps (Tom, Tracey, Will, Emily R...) Sarah MacKinlay who first introduced me to the very brilliant Iain Dale (who briefed me for the Town & Country piece about Theresa May hitting the newstands next month - which is thanks to him a seriously good read if I do say so myself). 

I could go on all night...

But I will just add Christopher Jackson (I love The Monkey Fragment - thank you!), Miranda Bunting (hello via Becs!), Simon English, Paul McCallum... Plus most especially all those of you I don't know... And everyone else from the last 62 days. This is turning into one of those interminable Oscar speeches that everybody hates. So I'll stop. But apparently these things work better with pictures and my first piece for Tatler made the front page so I attach a still of me and The Dress that made its infamous contributors' notes. 


Lots of love, 



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