Bad Romance

By Emily Hill

A dark, funny and feminist debut short story collection

Monday, 18 September 2017

Bad Romance: The Dating Column in Sunday Times' Style Magazine

Dearest Bad Romancers, 

I am writing to you with very encouraging book-baby news.

She has finished her first pass (which means she's almost ready for print), she's got her front cover and her jacket, and then yesterday, quite unexpectedly, she started coughing up more words in the form of a dating column, which launched in the new-look Sunday Times Style magazine, brainchild of legendary former Elle editor, Lorraine Candy. 

I would be so grateful if you fancied following the column every week (it can be found here: & most especially if you felt able to tweet/Facebook/Instagram it by hash/tagging @theststyle & #sundaytimesstyle. (I'm on Twitter @3milyhill ... on Instagram @3milyhi11 ... but I need all the help you can give because I only joined social media in February when the crowdfunding campaign began & am lagging tragically & somewhat pathetically behind my much younger & cooler co-columnist Megan Nolan.)

There will also be videos on Style Play, the magazine's video-only channel, which is in front of the paywall. You can catch me clenching my fist on the subject of emojis here: & you can read two articles for free every month if you just input your email address when the subscriber message pops up. (Obvs pretty-please save these for Bad Romance related column-age rather than catching up on - I don't know - your Scarlett Curtis or Claudia Winkleman...)

I also want to thank Caitlin Jones, Jane Richardson, Hugo Perks, Sophie Kelly, Eleni Calligas, Jay Oaks, Marleen Raajimakers, Mr. Harry Cole, Kate Bulpitt & Benedicte PAVIOT who all pledged last week.

The pledge page has now closed so only you wonderful chaps & chapesses will have your names in the back of every copy of Bad Romance. If you run into anyone who'd still like a book, an Amazon link will be following shortly... 


Bad Romance & I will see you in bookshops on February 8th. And  at the P.A.R.T.Y on Valentine's Day 2018. 

Very best wishes,

Emily x



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Richard Baker
 Richard Baker says:

Looks very interesting!

posted 27th October 2021

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