Bad Romance

By Emily Hill

A dark, funny and feminist debut short story collection

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Bad Romance is now in bookshops!

Dearest Bad Romancers, 

Our book-baby is published today! 

This means you can go and point at it in bookshops and 'say I put that there!' before forcing everyone in the whole store to buy a copy. (Never say I don't do anything for you...)

It also means you can try to influence every book lover you know via social media as it is also now purchasable on Amazon. I would so appreciate your tweets, Facebook statuses and posts on Instagram. The very brilliant Christine Burns has already written a (five star no less!) review of the short stories and added it to the Bad Romance page on Amazon and Goodreads. If you did enjoy the book and fancied joining her I will, once again, be eternally in your debt...

I also want to thank everyone at The Spectator who was involved with this bloody marvel by Julie Burchill (I do expect to be addressed as 'the Saki of sex' from now on...)

... And the brilliant team at ES Magazine for letting me write about single ladies and our Happy Never Afters (if you're in London you can pick up a copy of the magazine on the way home tonight & brandish it at commuters...)

There was also a delicious little paragraph in The Mail on Sunday which I've attached below. 

Thank you for all your help to date - it has meant so much to me - but please do keep pushing to make our book a success. Now it's in shops, it really could happen if you only keep rooting for it...

I'll update you as regards Bad Romance podcast action next week... 

Thanks again & happy book-birth-day!

Emily x



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