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Bad Romance

By Emily Hill

A dark, funny and feminist debut short story collection

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Ebook edition.
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1st edition hardback, and ebook edition
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Signed 1st edition hardback, and ebook edition
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Book bag

An exclusive, Bad Romance cotton tote bag that can roll up small to fit inside your handbag and be whipped out to carry spontaneous purchases of books, or champagne, or your heels when you need to run from that bad romance. Plus signed 1st edition hardback, ebook edition.
$120  + shipping
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The single ladies' reading list

A copy of a book chosen by Emily from her own bookshelves about the single life, London life or love gone bad – with a personal dedication. Plus a canvas book bag, the signed, 1st edition hardback, etc.
Numbers limited
$145  + shipping
10 pledges


Emily is a collage artist whose work has been featured in Metro and exhibited at the Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair in Battersea Park, London. Become the proud owner of an approximately A4-sized collage, at a discount on the retail price. Plus the signed, 1st edition hardback, etc.
Only 16 available
Collages may vary
$150  + shipping
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Burn your bad romance

Heartbroken? Lovelorn? Desperate to get over your ex? Emily found burning her wedding dress wonderfully cathartic and will help you start a cleansing pyre of your unwanted relationship mementos in the mosaic fire pit filmed on this very page. A signed first edition and a glass of fizz will be provided. 
Numbers limited
South west London. Travel and expenses not included
$180  + shipping
2 pledges

Personalised collage

Do you have a document that you’d like to see immortalised in collage? A love letter that you’ll always remember? Or one that reminds you: never again? A train ticket out of there? Send it to us and Emily will incorporate it into a fitting collage, along with a tiny piece of lightly-smoked wedding dress that was rescued from the film on this page. Plus the signed, 1st edition, etc.
Only 16 available
Collages may vary
8 pledges

Pitching to magazines workshop

Emily has worked as a commissioning editor at The Spectator and written for the Mail on Sunday, the Evening Standard, Dazed and Confused and The Guardian. In this four-hour (morning or afternoon) workshop she will explain how to grab a busy editor’s attention, what commissioning editors are looking for and how to adapt your pitch to different sections and publications. Bring a pitch for a brief, personal consultation.
Maximum of 12 people per workshop
Held in London - travel not included
$300  + shipping
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Book club package - silver

Ten first edition copies of the hardback for members of your group.

Postage free (UK only)

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Book club package - gold

Ten signed first edition copies of the hardback, each with a list of questions to discuss and themes to consider, specially designed for book clubs.

Postage free (UK only)

$1,500  + shipping
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Super friend

Be listed in a special section at the top of the supporters list at the back of the book, plus a signed 1st edition hardback and the ebook edition.
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Your name printed in the front of the book thanking you for your contribution, plus five signed 1st edition hardbacks and the ebook edition.

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