Bad Romance

By Emily Hill

A dark, funny and feminist debut short story collection

Feminism | Fiction
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Publication date: February 2018

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Emily is a collage artist whose work has been featured in Metro and exhibited at the Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair in Battersea Park, London. Become the proud owner of an approximately A4-sized collage, at a discount on the retail price. Plus the signed, 1st edition hardback, etc.
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Heartbroken? Lovelorn? Desperate to get over your ex? Emily found burning her wedding dress wonderfully cathartic and will help you start a cleansing pyre of your unwanted relationship mementos in the mosaic fire pit filmed on this very page. A signed first edition and a glass of fizz will be provided. 
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Do you have a document that you’d like to see immortalised in collage? A love letter that you’ll always remember? Or one that reminds you: never again? A train ticket out of there? Send it to us and Emily will incorporate it into a fitting collage, along with a tiny piece of lightly-smoked wedding dress that was rescued from the film on this page. Plus the signed, 1st edition, etc.
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Pitching to magazines workshop

Emily has worked as a commissioning editor at The Spectator and written for the Mail on Sunday, the Evening Standard, Dazed and Confused and The Guardian. In this four-hour (morning or afternoon) workshop she will explain how to grab a busy editor’s attention, what commissioning editors are looking for and how to adapt your pitch to different sections and publications. Bring a pitch for a brief, personal consultation.
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Bad Romance is a collection of 19 short stories and a novella which are sharp as shots of vodka and poignant as your worst hangover. They tell of defiant single women in all shapes and sizes - of career girls, sisters, mothers and lovers, battling through sleepless nights, never-ending parties, grotesque flat shares and office nightmares.

These are super-short stories, ideal for anyone on the run who wants to be distracted from the daily commute by plunging into a vivid fictional world. This is a collection made for snatched moments – to be flicked through between deadlines, scrolled through in the bus queue on the screen of a smartphone, devoured along with lunch. Or, like a classic bedtime story, finished in that precious time between putting on pyjamas and collapsing into sleep. Each comic vignette may be read fast but will linger long in the mind.

Not for these heroines esprit d’escalier, recriminations and regrets: when one is left by her fiancé, she attends his wedding to her best friend, destroying the big day; when another is ostracised at a fancy dress party at a zoo, she gets drunk, absolutely determined to find a mate…

This is a book for fans of Roald Dahl, Saki, Fleabag and Sex in the City (when it was good and Mr Big was bad).

"Bad Romance is a collection of beautifully crafted short stories, a kind of Tales of the Unexpected for the modern single woman. Dark, hilarious and moving by turns, with wonderful twists, its vignettes will appeal to any woman who has ever had her heart broken. Emily is very funny but there is also an elegance and poignancy to her writing that renders this book both unforgettable and unputdownable.”

- Ariane Sherine, comedian and writer of BBC1’s My Family, BBC2 and BBC3’s Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps and Children’s BBC’s The Story of Tracy Beaker.


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