Back in the USSR

By Rory MacLean & Nick Danziger, Nick Danziger and Rory Maclean

Comrades! Join us in the Glorious People’s Republic of Transnistria

Friday, 24 January 2014

Saturday Times Magazine!

Friends!  Comrades!  Fellow supporters of Revolution (in Transnistria and in Publishing)!  Through the heroic efforts of Nick Danziger and myself, the blaring and discordant trumpet of Western capitalism -- The Times -- will publish our glorious, six-page article about the Heroic People's Republic (and its dishy Foreign Minister)!  Let us rise as one from our beds of political slumber and rush out to buy a copy on Saturday morning.  Victory is ours (for a token £1.50)!  yours in eternal brotherhood, Comrade Rory

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Tiziana Savinelli
 Tiziana Savinelli says:

Well done Rory and Nick!

posted 24th January 2014

Nesher Asner
 Nesher Asner says:

Glorious Leaders! Given the subject matter, instead of urging us to "rush out to buy a copy" of the Times, don't you think we should instead "rush in to put in" our 1.50 ? [I am typing on a capitalist funded computer, and only have a dollar sign, no pound or ruble signs]
With solidarity,
Comrade Nesher

posted 24th January 2014

Mark Kozakiewicz
 Mark Kozakiewicz says:

Glorious day comrades.

posted 27th January 2014

Joseph Bergen
 Joseph Bergen says:

Just wanted to see if the book has been released yet.

posted 11th April 2014

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