Back in the USSR

By Rory MacLean & Nick Danziger, Nick Danziger and Rory Maclean

Comrades! Join us in the Glorious People’s Republic of Transnistria

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Heroic Proof Arrives – Glory to the People!

Comrades!  Yesterday our socialist hearts soared!  Comrade Nick and I opened the first bound proof of 'BACK IN THE USSR: Heroic Adventures in Transnistria'.  Together we held in our hands the glorious result of our labours and your fearless support, gripped each other in fraternal brotherhood and declared for all the world to hear, 'This is a sure winner!' (echoing the noble optimism of First Secretary Brezhnev when he ordered the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan).

Brother workers!  BACK IN THE USSR is an object of beauty, and superhuman Communist principles.  Finished copies will be winging their way to your factories, collective farms and homes around the end of the month.  In November the people's press will be enticed to spread news of the book's publication (or face the gulag).  In December a valiant Transnistrian barbecue and bold launch event will be held in central London.

Fellow revolutionaries!  Details will follow in the coming weeks.  Until then, so Comrade Nick and I can keep you apace of heroic developments (i.e. the launch, reviews, our upcoming Kindle Single on North Korea etc.), please send your email address to (unless you already subscribe to my once-and-a-while newsletter).  Due to the un-socialist Data Protection Act, Unbound is not allowed give us your email addresses.

Friends!  Comrades!  Thank you once again for your revolutionary zeal, your gallant support, and your great patience.  Crowd-sourced publishing has triumphed!  Victory is ours!  And a copy of 'BACK IN THE USSR' will soon be yours.

Yours in eternal brotherhood,


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