Back in the USSR

By Rory MacLean & Nick Danziger, Nick Danziger and Rory Maclean

Comrades! Join us in the Glorious People’s Republic of Transnistria

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Crimea, Revolution and BACK IN THE USSR publication date

Friends!  Fellow revolutionaries!  Glory to the People's Republic of Transnistria, and its brothers and sisters in the new Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol!  Comrade Danziger and I are proud to announce that BACK IN THE USSR's text has been updated to reflect this new age of dictatorial decrees and ersatz annexations.  Our heroic brother-designer Mark Thomson is working tirelessly to deliver the finished book into the hands of our fellow revolutionaries as soon as possible, which given the limitations of a command economy means this autumn.  Comrades!  Do not bemoan this unexpected delay but rather seize it as an opportunity to spread further the word of the revolution (hence attracting more individuals to pledge, whose names can also appear in the finished book).  Plans are advancing for the glorious people's launch bbq party, as well as other heroic autumnal events.  The people have spoken!  Victory is (almost) ours!  Thank you for your patience.

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