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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Can you guess what is happening in these photos? The person who is closest to the truth, or comes up with the funniest captions, will win a copy of the book. It's 89% funded, so please share and get your friends involved to help us get to 100% and start a revolution. 

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rachel pfleger
rachel pfleger says:

1. The silver Lenin
2. The Way Forward
3. The Shrinkage
4. Back to the Future
5. Pram Girl
6. Papa Smurf

December 02, 2013

Jennifer Gascoigne
Jennifer Gascoigne says:

1 Blather versus bladder.
2 Whatever happened to all those potatoes I planted earlier in the year?
3 A dip a day is keeps us sober.
4 Waiting for Godknowswhat.
5 Has pram, will carry!
6 Bureaucracy on the factory floor.

December 02, 2013

Robin Thomson
Robin Thomson says:

1. Too late for the Last Supper
2. "I've been waiting for the kolkhoz bus since 1989... look what it's done to my figure!"
3. Passing the true comradeship examination
4. "Sanatorium is closed today due to technical problems". "Again? Must mean relations with Russia have worsened and Putin's cut the gas off."
5. Thinks: "Why can't these politicians find another way to transport their bribes?"
6. "Hurry up, workers, we're in a competition on Facebook to fulfil the five-year plan!"

December 03, 2013

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