We did it!!!

Thursday, 18 January 2018

A very VERY overdue update for everyone, but, and i'll be honest, I had begun to lose faith(!), it's an update that I've been dreaming of writing since the day the Phase Lock campaign launched 318 days ago - I am utterly delighted to confirm that with the help of all my amazing supporters we have reached the 100% funded mark! 

105% to be precise.

I only want to say that I forever grateful to every single person who pledged their own hard earned cash to the fund and with it their belief in the book that is yet to exist. I begin the next stage of the process now, starting with finalising the manuscript for the Unbound editors to critically pull apart and reassemble with me. 

I truly hope that you all enjoy the final book when it is published and I can only promise that I will give my all to deliver the best story I possibly can. 

Thank you one and all - Watch. This. Space.


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Publication date: January 2019
105% funded
121 backers