By Sebastian Ives

If it's all you've ever known, if there is no comparable, then is it bad? In a post-apocalyptic world where would your moral compass sit?!

Monday, 5 November 2018


Hello everyone, 

It's been a while since my last update triumphantly announcing we had made it to 100% funding...apologies for radio silence since then, but here is a bit of an insight as to the process so far and where we are at:

First of all I was put in touch with a structural editor, a quite brilliant story teller by the name of Hal Duncan, who spent a couple of weeks re-ordering the work so that it flowed as a story should. This coincided with the arrival of Daughter no. 2 for me so there were some understandable priority shifts and delays - that said once I got my teeth into it I found the whole process really enjoyable and rewarding (if challenging at times!). The book was re-titled 'Axiom' and is now structured into four parts and whilst increasing in word count is now 22 chapters, down from 32! 

Once Hal and I were happy I was passed on to the content edit phase working with another published author and post-apocalyptic 'fan', Philip Purser-Hallard. Philip worked with me to iron out any technical inaccuracies, aided with constructions to help with the suspension of belief, continuity errors and better develop some of the characters and in particular, their interactions.

From this point it was back to the editorial desk at Unbound where all your names were added into a final manuscript (front, back and character names - pledge dependant), my own frontispiece and dedication. I then had to read Axiom for the 317th time to proof it for any spelling or grammatical errors (I bet some still make it through!). In the meantime I have also been working with Unbound and an external design agency to brainstorm, brief and work up design options for the book cover - this is just being tweaked (to hopefully include a cheeky Easter egg) and I'm working with the team to draft the most attention-grabbing rear cover blurb we can!

Unbound have recently moved distributor and are suffering from some teething problems which have been causing issues of availability with a few of their books. To ensure that it is available to order in the relevant places both before and at the point of launch and hopefully avoiding any supply issues the decision has been taken to move the trade publication date to the 17/01/2019 (not a date I chose - just another '17'!). This will give Axiom the best chance to succeed - thank you for your patience! 

So in short it's been quite a journey to this point. It has given me insight into a whole world I never truly appreciated, has made me a better writer and ultimately developed a better book for you to read...roll on the New Year! 

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