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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Quarter of the way there!

25% of funding secured! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my incredible supporters! Your pledges are so very gratefully received and I'm really delighted with the start we've made in the mission to get Phase Llock committed to print!

You guys have been such a boost to my confidence in my work and to my faith in this process - we WILL get there! 

I've also found myself with a bit of a restored (or perhaps reinvigorated is a better word) belief in the power and potential of human relationships.  Allow me to explain - You see I was very much one of these people who got fed up with Facebook for example - I just saw it as a collection of people I once knew but actually no longer knew in any way other than the snippets of what they shared on my timeline (mainly things so awesome they made me feel bad about my dull everyday life or things so sad they brought my mood down) really they were mainly accumulated to get a bigger more impressive number of friends or 'friends'.

I'll be honest, I reinstated my Facebook account after a 3 year hiatus in the hope of being able to reach out to all the people I once knew to help with pledges for Phase Lock...and the response has been so great! Some people I havent spoken to (even digitally) for 3, 5 even 10 years have greeted my request for support with open arms, they've engaged in the process, chatted with me about it and crucially parted with their hard earned cash to pledge! 

Some of the aforementioned conversations with my new found old friends have been really nostalgic and I think its a wonderful thing, that people can drift in and out of our everyday lives, but they never drift completely out - we are all tied to one another through shared experience, common interests and daily activity (be it education, work or our hobbies) and whilst many appear to get thin these relationships are strong :-) 

Nice eh - but also a bit soppy and most unlike me - I think this process is teaching me new things about myself! I can almost hear you thinking "so what!? I'm here for the book you've been peddling not to hear your views on human interaction!", well I think thoughts like those i've just outlined will make me a better writer, will help me hone the manuscript and make the relationships between the characters deeper and give you, the reader a far more immersive experience...

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