By Sebastian Ives

If it's all you've ever known, if there is no comparable, then is it bad? In a post-apocalyptic world where would your moral compass sit?!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Here we go!

So the baby is in bed, the wife is in the bath and i'm writing the first few words and sentences of the first blog of what is a tremendously exciting process - crowdfunding to generate the funds for my debut novel Phase Lock! 

I'd never written even a short story before I started on Phase Lock, let alone a complete manuscript for a book(!) but it was a process that just kept on giving - from occupying my mind on long weekly commutes from Hertfordshire across to Bristol on the train to eureka moments typing away on the iPad poolside on holidays, from the thrill of someone reading a carefully crafted excerpt and wanting more to the joy of the story heading off down a path you'd never have initially envisaged - it has been a complete labour of love. 

I'd never started out with the intention of attempting to get published, I just thought it'd be fun and yet the more the story developed, the characters became real and their adventures ever more exciting it felt a shame to keep them all to myself - I genuinly believe that Phase Lock is a book that will appeal widely and tap into so many people's fantasies of "what would I do in that situation?!". There are twists and turns aplenty and an unnerving depiction of a future in which the protagonists must make ever more difficult choices to survive.

Turns out though that publishing is perhaps even harder than crafting the words into a coherent tale...until I discovered Unbound - the thought that it's you the reader, you the fans of books, fans of the genre that decide what work gets committed to print is a wonderful one and I guess, complete vindication of what I've written.

Much like my experience of being a 'novellist' I'm also a complete crowdfunding novice. I have never crowdfunded nor written a blog before (I'm not even 100% sure what a blog is/ should be!) but here goes - I'll keep this one short and sweet, say a MASSIVE thank you to those who have already pledged and offer a heartfelt plea to those who are checking out my work to get involved, pick your reward and support!

Check out @Phase_Lock on Instagram and please share far and wide and encourage others to join us! 

Cheers all! 



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