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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Right 10 days in 12% funded...a solid start!

Massive thanks to all those who have pledged their support, keep spreading the word guys and get more to follow your sensible lead! I'm working hard to contact (literally!) everyone I know or have known to plea.

I'm investigating various forums to appeal to the group of people I dont know but I hope are buy-in to the subject matter - the post apocalyptic nerds like me! 

& speaking of people (like myself!) that are 'obsessed' with the idea of the apocalypse I came across a really interesting guy this week who has really got me thinking about how to add ever more depth to the world of Phase Lock. The man in question is Prof. Lewis Dartnell - he a research scientist at the University of Westminster and author of 'The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch'.

Prof. Dartnell was speaking at the Big Bang Fair and inspiring the younger generation to embark on a career in STEM.

His presentation and the premise of his book seek to uncover the key knowledge that one would need to start rebuilding civilisation from scratch? He puts you in the position of an apocalypse survivor and asks: "Once you’ve scavenged what you can, how do you begin producing the essentials? How do you grow food, generate power, prepare medicines, or get metal out of rocks? Could you avert another Dark Ages or take shortcuts to accelerate redevelopment?"

This line of thought really got me thinking about the back story of Axiom - there are some basic elements i'd considered from the off - it's an abandoned power plant ruled by a man who knows how to operate it so electricity should be ok, the 'farms' are a food source, they have a plan to engineer a constant fresh water source...but I'm starting to think that as I hone the final manuscript for publication a bit more research can help me create a more complete picture of how the City came to thrive in this desolute world. 

I'm going to read Dartnell's book and work through the 'how' of the rise of Axiom in turn I'll be able to offer you, my readers, with a world you can better imagine yourselves existing in! Watch this space...

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