An excerpt from

Austen Vs. Bronte

Lauren Burke and Hannah Chapman

Here's a sneak peak of what to expect from the Austen vs. Bronte: Bonnets at Dawn Book & Podcast!

Chapter/Episode 1
Steventon vs. Haworth - We break down the early lives of the Austen and Bronte families and examine the Moors vs. Bath and how geography played a role in their later work. Also a quick look at their early poetry and prose – The Gondals and Love & Friendship.

Chapter/Episode 2
Victorian men vs. Regency Heroes - Deep dive into the love lives of the Bronte and Austen sisters! How their relationships shaped their writing, and influenced romance publishing as a whole. And of course, the ultimate question of Heathcliff vs. Darcy. Also welcoming a variety of special guests for a speed round of Austen vs. Bronte questions.

Chapter/Episode 3
Lucy Snowe (Villette) vs. Anne Elliot (Persuasion). Deep dive into strong female characters, and how each of the authors wrote them. Special guest for a quick-fire Austen Heroine quiz (with a brand new quiz to be included in the book!)

Chapter/Episode 4
Northanger Abbey vs Jane Eyre. We’ll discuss how the authors handle ghosts and gothic literature in these two classics of the genre.

Chapter/Episode 5
Least Favorites. Why is Anne Bronte always overlooked? Why do scholars enjoy Mansfield Park, but it consistently ranks as least favorite with fans?

Chapter/Episode 6
Movie Adaptations and unauthorized sequels. Which author has the best adaptations and sequels? We’ll poll our audience on their favorite Austen/Bronte-inspired work.

Chapter/Episode 7
Gothic vs Regency Fashion. Fashion lecturer and curator, Caroline Bellios, breaks down regency and gothic fashions.

Chapter/Episode 8
Who is more popular with the lads? English Professors Tim Troemner and Chris Carpenter talk about teaching Bronte and Austen.

Chapter/Episode 9
The F Word – Feminism represented in their works. Critical response to their books. Bronte’s resentment of Austen.

Chapter/Episode 10
Jane Austen Society vs. Bronte Society. Lauren and Hannah will dip into authorized and unauthorized Bronte and Austen fandoms and discuss how they are keeping Austen and Bronte alive in this modern era. Strangest Austen/Bronte branded merchandise discussed/illustrated.

Chapter/Episode 11
Haworth Visit. Lauren and Hannah trek up to Yorkshire to visit the Bronte’s parsonage.

Chapter/Episode 12
Jane Austen Festival. To cap it all off, we plan on attending the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, where we will get all dressed up for the Masked Ball.