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Austen vs. Bronte: Bonnets at Dawn is a literary thunderdome. Four of the greatest English authors will enter and only one will be crowned Queen...

This unique biography will compare and contrast the lives and work of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters via comics, essays and an accompanying podcast.

Each week, authors Lauren (Team Bronte) and Hannah (Team Austen) will present their research and debate topics such as Darcy vs. Heathcliff, Steventon vs. Haworth, and Northanger Abbey vs. Jane Eyre on their podcast. Bronte biographers, Austenesque authors, fashion researchers, artists and actors will be interviewed to weigh in on this very important debate.

Each chapter of the book will be comprised of Team Austen and Team Bronte essays drawn from the discussion on the podcast and feature comics from some of our favorite artists. Here are a few things you can expect -

Popular animators - the Satrun sisters, will illustrate Victorian and Regency fashions in paper doll style.

Cheesecake artist extraordinaire, Monica Ras, is tackling our chapter on Victorian men versus Regency heroes, and drawing our beloved Bronte and Austen men as hunks.

Storyboard specialist J.M. Tolman will craft an illustrated quiz to test your knowledge.

Gothic-inspired comic artist, Laura Neubert will illustrate our trip to the Bronte Parsonage.

And many more artists will be announced!

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Team Austen

Hannah K Chapman is a comics writer and print maker living and working in Bristol. She is the founder of Comic Book Slumber Party, has written about comics for Off Life and Forbidden Planet International, and works as an editor at Blank Slate Books.

Hannah first read Pride and Prejudice on a family holiday in York. She also ate a Crunchie, held hands with a boy called Tom, wore a bucket hat. These days she's cut down on the Crunchies and avoids boys called Tom but the bucket hats and Jane Austen are here to stay.

Team Bronte

Lauren Burke has been an Anglophile ever since she read The Secret Garden at the age of seven and asked her mother if they could move from Ohio to "The Moors." She now lives in Chicago with her husband John and their dog Watson, but visits her beloved England twice a year.

Lauren spends most of her time writing and editing comics and children’s books. She is best known for writing P.I. Jane and I’m Not OmniGirl, and has served as editor for the Ladies’ Night Anthology for five years. She is currently working on a book entitled Divide & Conquer about the rise of women in comics.

Here's a sneak peak of what to expect from the Austen vs. Bronte: Bonnets at Dawn Book & Podcast!

Megan Gettothe
Megan Gettothe asked:

Ladies, I can't find an email for you anywhere! I'm loving your podcast. I also have a podcast that started about the same time as yours on travel. I have an interesting proposal for you and also want to talk shop (if you are interested) about podcast things! Keep up the great work!

Lauren Burke
Lauren Burke replied:

I'll shoot you an email! Our email is


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