Attention Deficit

By Ivan Pope

The first days of the Internet

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Attention Deficit in a time of Coronavirus

Hi everybody, apologies for the long silence. I guess we're all living through a strange time in our own way. Luckily this Internet thing makes it somewhat more bearable - imagine being locked down or 'working from home' without the networks?

Unfortunately the combination of attention deficit and lockdown has taken the steam out of the sails of this project. I have found it difficult to do the hassling and prodding of people to support my book in a time when I know that many of my friends are suffering financial difficulties.

That said, I want to see if I can push this project through the next milestone, which  would be 50% of target. I'd like to enlist you all to help with this, as I presume you are all eager to see this book before the world ends :-) 

I'd really appreciate it if each of you could make one post about Attention Deficit on your social media of choice, or suggest to one (or more, of course) friend that they might like to support it. If I an get momentum going again I think we'll make great progress.

As a bonus, here are two links from my lesser known past:

1. The only patent I ever got, which is for a social media control system long before social media came into existence. The invention happened in 1998, first granted in 1999.

2. My biggest appearance on TV, this programme was a sort of prototype of The Apprentice but I got a whole show to myself. I find it a big cringey now, but I was in some high level company. 

Three budding entrepreneurs hoping to be the next big thing on the web pitch their bright ideas to wired-world guru, Ivan Pope

So, thanks again for all your support so far and I really hope to get this book out to you all soon.



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