Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of

By Stuart Ashen


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The End is Nigh

The end of waiting for the book, that is!  Yes.

Last week I literally jetted over to Barcelona to see the first print run of the special backer editions.  The quality is astonishing - all the screenshots are super-crisp and the black is really vivid.  Which is important for screenshots of old games because a lot of them had black backgrounds with very little in the way of graphics on top...

I have attached a brief video so that you may experience our excitement second-hand.

The books are currently being bound and having holographic foil applied, and will be on their way to the UK very shortly.  Next Thursday I shall be nipping off to the warehouse and signing thousands of them, and then they'll be sent off to you.  After that they should arrive at your address, and then you can read them if you want!

By an incredible feat of speed, Penguin have already printed some of the trade editions and sent them to reviewers.  These are the standard books that will be sold in shops and through Amazon etc.  I haven't seen one yet but I'm told they're very nice, although as nothing compared to the lovely backer editions you folks are getting.

Thank you again for your support, without which there would be no book for anyone.  I really think you will enjoy it.



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Mark Carr
 Mark Carr says:

Nice! - Thanks for the update, looking forward to it :)

posted 11th November 2015

Lindsey Lawrence
 Lindsey Lawrence says:

Can't wait!

posted 11th November 2015

Karl Inglott
 Karl Inglott says:

I'll be waiting at my letterbox awaiting the arrival - indefinitely. If I do not come back to give my thoughts, I may have died of dehydration or a blood clot. Looking forward to getting it! :)

posted 11th November 2015

Bald Harry
 Bald Harry says:

Ink! Ink! Lovely lovely ink!


posted 11th November 2015

Paul Jacobson
 Paul Jacobson says:

I haven't been this excited since walking to work and seeing Doctor Who being filmed in Trafalgar Square, so yes VERY excited =)

posted 11th November 2015

Joshua Wood
 Joshua Wood says:

Really can't wait I'm so glad I bought a copy.

posted 11th November 2015

Alastair Oxby
 Alastair Oxby says:

has near death experience cause by exciment

posted 11th November 2015

John Adlington
 John Adlington says:

You're more than welcome sir, looking forward to it!

posted 11th November 2015

Michael Smythe
 Michael Smythe says:

I can't find this information anywhere, but if I backed for a e-pub version of the book, when will that be released? I'm assuming when the print edition is shipping out to backers, but I couldn't find that information.

posted 11th November 2015

Ben Olson
 Ben Olson says:

Do you think that people outside of Europe will get theirs by the end of the month, or will we have to wait until mid-December?

posted 11th November 2015

Katya Fleming
 Katya Fleming says:

My body is ready.

posted 11th November 2015

Matthew Wood
 Matthew Wood says:

Both of my bodies are ready.

posted 11th November 2015

Ivan Odintsoff
 Ivan Odintsoff says:

Great! Any delivery date in mind for the digital only version?

posted 12th November 2015

Nils Georgii
 Nils Georgii says:

I'm sorry that I'm one of the people who will put you through the signing process, but to think that I'll have something signed by my favourite internet personality excites me.

posted 12th November 2015

John Edwards
 John Edwards says:

I'm looking forward to reading this. I've always loved Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of and I can't wait to read it.

posted 12th November 2015

Dmitriy Gavryushkin
 Dmitriy Gavryushkin says:

This is awesome! Especially since I get a special edition all to myself!

Also, I've never seen books being printed, so that was pretty cool.

posted 12th November 2015

Christopher Ringe
 Christopher Ringe says:

When will this be shipping to America?
I am really excited for it! I just hope I can get it soon.

posted 13th November 2015

John Huxley
 John Huxley says:

Cool stuff. Got my pip-boy edition Fallout turning up at the end of the month also, tis a good november :)

posted 13th November 2015

Austin Lux
 Austin Lux says:

Why didn't you schedule a meetup at Barcelona? I live within 30 munites of there. now I'm sad...

posted 14th November 2015

Thomas Ferry
 Thomas Ferry says:

When does the digital version get released?

posted 17th November 2015

Stuart Taylor
 Stuart Taylor says:

When are the UK hard backs expected to be shipped? Really wanted to have mine for the Coventry signing. (you know, get it double signed and all that...) Can I bring ANYTHING along for signing... ;)

posted 6th December 2015

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