Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of

By Stuart Ashen


Friday, 26 June 2015

First guest interviews announced


There hasn't been much to report other than "I am writing the book" recently.  And you've probably guessed that. But!  I've started to receive submissions from various EXCITING GUESTS who will be telling us about the most disappointing old game they ever paid money for.  I'll be revealing some of these people over the next couple of months.

First up is one many of you have predicted - Games journalist, TV presenter and YouTube Man "Guru" Larry Bundy Jr.  He'll be telling us about the horrors of a certain Amstrad CPC game that emptied his wallet and stank up his tape deck.

And keeping with the TV theme we have Violet Berlin, who you probably remember as co-presenter of nineties gaming show 'Bad Influence!' Her most disappointing game is a fascinating choice as it was well received by critics, but is actually almost impossible to play beyond certain points without a walkthrough. And they were not easy to come by in the days before the Internet...

That's it for celebrity excitement at the moment.  I'll be in touch again soon with more tales of other people's misery!



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Peter Kimball-Evans
 Peter Kimball-Evans says:

These tantalising details certainly are exciting. Especially the well received game that eventually requires a walkthrough!

posted 26th June 2015

Simon Curry
 Simon Curry says:

Ah, marvellous, Violet Berlin, every 1990's 14-year-old nerd weird fantasy. Looking forward to reading her choice :) (hoping to see the classic "arrrgh condor!" for the C64 in there...)

posted 26th June 2015

Anthony Young
 Anthony Young says:

Being Canadian as I am, I've unfortunately never heard of Violet Berlin or the 'Bad Influence!' show. Of course, that's just all the more reason for me to read the book; It IS Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of, after all. I'm interested to see what this 'well-received' game turns out to be, and what made it so absolutely frustrating that it ends up in this book.

posted 26th June 2015

Antonio Buonomo
 Antonio Buonomo says:

You should invite AVGN as well!

posted 26th June 2015

Derek Thomson
 Derek Thomson says:

You've got to get Dominic Diamond in on the action. Or one of the girls from Bits. That Aleks Krotoski seems to done alright for herself (her thesis is on social networks in Second Life (ergh), but its section on the ethics of social network analysis is actually quite good)...

posted 26th June 2015

Chris Baxter
 Chris Baxter says:

There had better be a data blast at the end of the book! Then i can pause it for very blurry cheats. :-)

posted 26th June 2015

Nicholas Wilson
 Nicholas Wilson says:

Nice to see an update, thanks Stuart.
I guess it's not easy to update the book's progress without giving too much away? My partner is actually cult author Barbara Boot and she often doesn't know what to tell people as either she doesn't want to give too much away or as it seems for you here it's not always easy to know what to say on her blog that's not "been writing today" LOL!

Very interested to see what Violet Berlin's worst game is? Bad Influence was "must watch" TV for me when I was young.
Can I please also echo the call for interviews of presenters from Bits? Perhaps not Emely Booth though, the book's not called "Terible Old Films You've Probably Never Heard Of"! although if you're thinking of a follow up book… ;)

posted 27th June 2015

John Roblin
 John Roblin says:

Seriously? Wow, I'm genuinely impressed. I mean by getting Violet on board; Larry will work for anything ;P .
I was only thinking of her the other day after thinking about Nam Rood. Like Homer in his hospital bed, on Bad Influence! her hair started up & ended going down... (do a quick image search)

posted 29th June 2015

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